Treatment of Sanders Type IV calcaneus fractures by primary arthrodesis with VIRA system

Damian Mifsut Miedes, Susana Castro LAREFOR, Juan Moreno Rivelles, Francisco Gomar Sancho


The goal of this trial was to review all results of treating Sanders Type IV calcaneus fractures by primary arthrodesis with VIRA system with evolution time higher than one year.
Materials and Methods: We ran an observational descriptive retrospective trial on a pool of 13 patients hospitalized in our center with diagnosis of acute fracture of intra-articular calcaneus  Sanders Type IV (total number of fractures 15), two bilateral cases,  from January 2009 to December 2013, treated with surgery by subtalar arthrodesis with VIRA System.
Results: we reviewed a total of 15 fractures of calcaneus in 13 patients (2 bilateral cases), 11 men and 2 women, average age 33,84 years old (range 24-69). Radiographically, measure of Böhler degree was between 0 and 10 in 11 cases and in 4 cases the degree was negative. About the surgical technique, there were no intraoperatorial complications; radiographically there were 4 cases of divergence of the screws with no clinical relevance. Following the valuation scale of AOFAS outcomes, satisfactory results were obtained in most of e patients, with score between 79 and 96 (average 86,4). A second surgery was required in three cases.
Conclusion: VIRA system fulfills the goals of any minimally invasive surgery, efficiency and low rate of complications, by a lower surgery aggression.



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